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ebay uk freshgeera

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Q: Where can you buy a prop pear phone?
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Can you buy a prop pear phone?

i have heard no its not but there is a pear company im not shure if its a real company. i was there but there is no buy it now or bid . the pear laptop is an apple laptop with a pear logo over it. the pear pad is only an iPad with a pear sticker over it. the pear products as of June 2011 in victorius and icarly only have sound affects and the icons are stickers. before each scene they put the icons on. i hope this helps

What cell phone did tori vega have?

The pear phone is not real nickelodeon just uses it kinda like a prop

Is there a website were you can buy a pear phone or a pear pad?


Where can you buy pear phone in Philippines?

phone store

Can you buy a pear phone?

in america :L

Why you cant not buy the pear phone?

Because they just put some stupid pear looking iron on a ipod

Where can you buy pear phones?

If you happen to be in iCarly world, probably at any mobile phone store. Unfortunately, they do not exist out here in reality. there is no such thing as a Pear Phone.

Can you get a pear phone customed made?

Um, I have heard that you can but it doesn't work it's only a prop but you could call nick or someone on YouTube who have made it and buy it off them or simple make it yourself. Hope this helped 😊😃☺

How did Dan schneider create a pear phone?

Technicaly he didnt make a functioning PearPhone, the prop department made a PearPhone prop with a green screen, in post-production a CGI (Computer Generated Image) is placed on it, so on the show,you see a display.

How do you draw a pear phone?

use a pear and a pencil

Where iCarly bye her pear phone?

At the pear store.

Are pear pad real?

No They arnt there just a prop on icarly and victorious and other shows like that!