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Q: Do guys prefer a squishy butt or a firm butt?
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Do guys like a firm butt or a more cushiony butt?

Oh yeah the guys love prefer chunky over bony.

Guys- which do you prefer jiggly wiggly breasts or firmer toned breasts?

it all depends on the person, being a guy, i prefer firm yet that is just myself, i have friends that prefer your so called jiggly wiggly boobs

Why do black guys like girls with big bootys?

this is a stereotype. not all black guys like girls with big butts. Some prefer big boobs and other features not just the butt

Do guys prefer hanging out with guys or with a girlfriend?

Some guys who have a girlfriend prefer hanging out with their girlfriend depending on their age. Other's prefer their friends and may not have a girlfriend.

What is the best underwear brand or cut for women with flat butts?

Well, my butt is kinda flat too. and the underwear that makes it look best is boy shorts. not like boxers, but there really short and cute..look it up on google if you dont know. and if your worried about your butt, just do some butt excersizes..ur butt will get firm..and guys like that

What does it mean if a guys says you have a big butt?

It means he considers your butt big.

Are Naval personel called butt pirates or is the term butt pirate used for most any gay guys?

"butt pirate" is not a naval term. It is an insult toward gay guys.

Do gay guys prefer cut or uncut?

Some prefer cut and some prefer uncut.

What are guys?

A butt face from hell that has popped in to your life

Is it true that guys like bubble butts on girls?

It depends on the guy and the butt. Some guys don't care so much about girls' butts. If you have a well shaped bubble butt you will not fail to have guys appreciate it.

Do girls like guys with hair under the armpits?

no, guys prefer ladies

What do most guys look for in a woman?

Most guys look for cleavege and a nice back, (butt)