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It depends on the guy and the butt. Some guys don't care so much about girls' butts. If you have a well shaped bubble butt you will not fail to have guys appreciate it.

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Q: Is it true that guys like bubble butts on girls?
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Girls like guys with big butt?

Only guys like big butts and maybe butts in general.

Why are guys attracted to big butts?

It's there nature they like big butts because they are curvey... and we girls like tall guys they like girls with big butts.. its almost the same thing hope i helped there..

Why do guys like Colombian girls?

they have big butts.

Do guys like girls butts?

Yes. Even more than guys like to see girls' butts. They have a very hard time keeping control of themselves and really want to have sex with guys.

Why do white girls with big butts like black guys?

I think it is the black guys go for the white girls with big butts. The girls can't help how their butt looks and the size of the butt doesn't make you like a certain race.

Why do guys like girls buts?

First, a spelling correction: it's butts not buts. Guys like girl's butts because of hormones and sexual urges toward the girl.

Why do girls like thongs?

Because girls think they look sexy and when they bend over some times guys look at girls butts and if the thong was there guys might see it and guys live for that stuff!

Why do black guys like girls with big bootys?

this is a stereotype. not all black guys like girls with big butts. Some prefer big boobs and other features not just the butt

Why do girls look hotter than guys?

girls or women have more "curves" like out breasts and our butts ;) things you can define, where as guys have their upper bodies. plus girls wear make-up which defines our facial features

Why do guys like butts?

because they are feins (=

Why do guys smack girls butts?

it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! and very sexy... to stop them from getting horny

Why do guys care about how big a girls butt is?

Boys like girls big butts because they like to put there stick up the girls hole.