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Yesss. I'm sure he does. He does everything Lil Wayne does, accept feature in lyk a billion songs. (:

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Lil Wayne will kill drakes but hind.

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According to my personal opinion, Lil Wayne is a better rapper and musician than Drake.

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Q: Do drake have a chance against Lil Wayne?
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Who is the oldest from drake and lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne is 4 years older than Drake. Drake is 24 and Lil Wayne is 28.

Is Lil Wayne going to fight Drake?

yes drake is going to beat lil wayne.

Who is better singer drake or Lil Wayne?

Lil wayne

Who raps better lil Wayne or drake?

Lil Wayne

Who is richer drake of Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne because he was rapping before drake SO TRUEE

Who raps better lil Wayne tpain or drake?

lil wayne

Who does Drake influence?

Drake influence Lil Wayne

Is Nikki minaj dating Lil Wayne or drake?

Nicki Minaj is dating neither Drake nor Lil' Wayne.

Who is better drake or Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne all the way Ain't that right Tim you crazy drake all day got flows he be killin it bra. man F.O.H lil Wayne got that shxt all the way

Who likes Nicki more drake or Lil Wayne?

lil wayne likes your mom

Did lil Wayne hit drake?

No it was juss a love tap on the arm Lil Wayne got to much love to hit Drake

Does Nicki Minaj prefer Lil Wayne or Drake?