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Lil Wayne or drake

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Q: Who did Nikki Minaj date in young money?
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Did Nicki Minaj ever date anyone in young money?

yes Nicki minaj dated someone eles in young money ent.

Did Nicki Minaj ever date tyga from young money?


Is Nikki minaj cheating on lil Wayne?

No they dont even date

Did Nicki Minaj date gucci mane?

Nikki minaj and gucci mane did date but that's her business

What is Nikki minaj birth date?

December 8, 1982 ( age 28)

Does Nicki minaj love her fans?

yes Nikki loves her fans just like me she loves me also me and her went on a date it was awsome

Is Niki minaj fat gay a homo a lesbian and still pregnant OMG?

Nikki Minaj is certainly not fat by any means. She is a healthy weight and proud of it. She has stated that she does not date women, and that she is, in fact, not dating anyone at the moment.

Did tyga and Nicki minaj ever date if so when?

They never dated. They are both "co-workers" from Young Money but she keeps her business relationships close but not that kind of "close".

Is makeup a thing?

make up is not a thing it is something women and teenagers wear when they go to a party or out on a date or in a video like selena gomez ke$ha and nikki minaj do in videos a date and out at a party!!

Does Nicki Minaj date a women?


Does Nicki Minaj date women?

No, she doesn't

Did treysongz date Nicki minaj?