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Yes Marcus has one son name Marcus Jr. and he is 3 years old.

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Q: Do Marcus ramone Cooper have kids?
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What was King Pleasure's real name?

his real name is Marcus cooper.His real name is Marcus Ramone Cooper

Is Marcus Ramone Cooper gay?

He is straight.

What is the sexual orientation of Marcus Ramone Cooper?

Marcus Ramone Cooper, better known as Pleasure P, has not discussed his sexual orientation in public.All we can say is that he is married to a woman named Railey Smith-Cooper, and they have a son.

What is Marcus Ramone Cooper's son name?

Marcus jr.;;Babymother name Brya'nna' Mcneill(high school sweetheart)

Who inspired Marcus Ramone Cooper to start his career?

his family exspeacilly his three brothers:baby blue,spectacular,and slick 'em

What is Pleasure's real name from the group Pretty Ricky?

pleasure real name is Marcus ramone cooper,,,and his b-day is December 27,1984.

How tall is Marcus Ross Cooper?

Marcus Ross Cooper is 6'.

How tall is Marcus Cooper?

NFL player Marcus Cooper is 6'-01''.

When was The Introduction of Marcus Cooper created?

The Introduction of Marcus Cooper was created on 2009-06-09.

What college did NFL player Marcus Cooper play for?

NFL player Marcus Cooper played for Rutgers.

What is Marcus Cooper's number on the Kansas City Chiefs?

Marcus Cooper is number 31 on the Kansas City Chiefs.

How much does NFL player Marcus Cooper weigh?

NFL player Marcus Cooper weighs 192 pounds.