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Marcus Pleasure P Cooper is dating a yong lady by the name of Kadijah Stubbs u can contact her at she will talk.

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Q: Who is Marcus Pleasure P Cooper dating?
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What is pleasure p's child name?

Marcus Cooper Jr.

How old is Pleasure P?

Pleasure P (Marcus Cooper) is 33 years old (birthdate: December 27, 1984).

What is Pleasure P's 4 year old son name?

Marcus cooper jr.

Is Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky getting married?

Yes, Pleasure P (Marcus Cooper) was married in 2015. On February 2, 2015 he married Railey Smith, the mother of his son Marcus Cooper Jr. (born 2014), known as "Cus-Cus."

Who is Marcus pleasure p cooper babymamma?

he got two. dania is his first and miah gamati is his second

What is the sexual orientation of Marcus Ramone Cooper?

Marcus Ramone Cooper, better known as Pleasure P, has not discussed his sexual orientation in public.All we can say is that he is married to a woman named Railey Smith-Cooper, and they have a son.

When is Marcus pleasure p birthday?

Pleasure P's birthday is idont even knoee

What is pleasure p last name?


How many kids does plies the rapper have?

=Yes, Plies does have a son. His name is Nijier. If you listened to his single "Family Straight" you would hear him say that he should stay on his son & make sure he listen to what his momma say=

Where is Marcus Pleasure P Coopers House?

It is unknown where Pleasure P resides. He was in the group Pretty Ricky from 1997 to 2007. Pleasure P has an upcoming album scheduled to be released in late 2014.

Who is pleasure p dad?

pleasure p's real dad is my uncle i call him uncle Gary so it is Gary cooper if u don't believe me oh well

Does pleasure p have any brothers?

yes! & i kno one is named Gary cooper