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Bella and Edward will stay together forever, as we have seen in the book, one can't survive without the other. We just have to assume that they do, since the book saga ends with Breaking Dawn.

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YES! no offence but I can't believe you even asked that question!

i know right!!!! <3333

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Q: Do Bella and edward stay together forever?
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Does Edward and Bella stay together forever?

in the last book in the series Bella and edward live happily ever after together with their new family

Does Bella Swan stay with edward at the end?

Yeah, they defeat the Voltri. Stay together forever &amp; their daughter will marry Jacob

Does Bella stay with edward in the second film?

Yes, Edward and Bella stay together.

Does Edward Cullen and Bella stay toghether?

yes edward and bella stay together

Does Bella stay with Edward Cullen?

Yes, forever.

Do Bella and Edward stay together intill the end?

YES!! They defeate the Volturi and live together in their little piece of forever &lt;3

Will Bella pick edward or Jacob?

Jacob only sees Bella as a friend now and he falls in love with Bella's daughter. Edward and Bella both are imortal now(both vampires) and they stay together forever with Jacob as Edward's brother and Bella's best friend.

Do Bella and Edward stay together?

Yeah forever and forever and forever. Read all the books and you'll figure it out. Besides, I don't want to ruin all the fun for you!

Bella and edward stay together until the end?

yes unfortunatley.

Do Jacob and Bella stay friends?

Yes, Jacob and Bella stay friends in Breaking Dawn after Edward and Bella get married and have their beloved daughter, Renesmee Cullen, on accident. Jacob, although wanting very badly to be with Bella, imprints on Renesmee because they were meant to be together forever. Although he loved Bella, he imprinted on Renesmee because he loved Renesmee. He thought that Bella would never love him now that she was married to Edward forever, and Renesmee was her daughter so he imprinted on Renesmee.

Do renesmee and Jacob stay together?

Yes they are still together. They have proved that renesmee isn't dangerous to the volturi so they don't have to fight. The ending is them in their bedroom and saying they will be together forever and forever and forever.

How does Twilight end?

The book ends as Edward takes Bella to prom. They go dancing alone in the courtyard and they talk about Bella becoming a vampire. Edward asks her if she's ready for that 'right now,' and then he pretends as if he were going to bite her there and then. But he does not, and instead promises to stay with her, even though Bella wants to be a vampire so she can stay with Edward forever.