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A lapped seam is one of the four major types of seams. The types of lapped seams are bound seams and Hong Kong seams.

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Q: Different types of lapped seams
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What are the different types of seam?

There are 11 types of seams which include: abutted, enclosed, exposed, false french, flat-felled, french, fused, glued, hairline, lapped seam with raw edges, and finally overedged seam.

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Chain stitch - hand or machine stitch for seams or decoration Lock stitch Straight stitch - Straight stitches pass through the fabric ground in a simple up and down motion, and for the most part moving in a single direction. ZigZag stitch Stretch stitch Cover stitch Running stitch - a hand stitch for seams and gathering Back stitch - a sturdy hand stitch for seams and decoration Satin stitch Outline stitch Cross stitch - usually used for decoration, but may also be used for seams

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