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creative and imaginative

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Q: What types of plays might appeal to different types of audiences?
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Why did average people of Shakespeare's time like the theater?

It was entertaining. The authors of the plays wrote the kind of material that their audiences would like--they had to, or their actors would be booed off the stage. So the plays would be different for different audiences. A play like Titus Andronicus or The Spanish Tragedy with lots of gore and shock scenes would appeal to the same demographic as the Saw movies do today. A romantic comedy like Much Ado About Nothing would appeal to the same group as a film like You've Got Mail. Henry V would appeal to the action movie crowd. Some plays, like Love's Labour's Lost or Satiromastix, were clearly written for a highbrow crowd like that found at court. Audiences don't change much; people from today enjoy Shakespeare's plays too, provided they are the right plays.

Are children good target audiences?

Audiences for what? For plays or magic tricks or something about toys, yes. For speeches about politics, probably not.

How were William Shakespeare plays usually received?

Shakespeare was a popular playwright. Then as now, audiences usually liked his plays.

What did audiences do at the Globe Theatre?

Watch Shakespearean plays (during Shakespeare's lifetime.)

How did the audiences participate in the plays?

When and where? Your question must contain this information in order to be answered.

Who wrote plays that poked fun at politicians that encouraged audiences to think?

The answer is Aristophanes

What did Elizabethan audiences think of Shakespeares plays?

Shakespeare's plays were quite popular with the London audiences of his day--popular enough that copies of the scripts were published and sold. The King's Men certainly were not keen to change their main playwright.

What audiences focus on in a play the most?

The types of audiences that focus on the play the most depends on the types of plays. For instance, if there is an audience that prefers shakespear they would not so much enjoy a play of CATS.

Why did Shakespeare's plays appeal to everyone?

Shakespeare's plays appeal to us because the language he used and the way he wrote was full of techniques and meaning. He used Greek mythology and the Elizabethan ages to set his stories.

Why might modern audiences find value in William Shakespeare's works centuries after his death?

Modern audiences DO, as a matter of incontrovertible fact, find value in Shakespeare's works centuries after his death.There is no "might" about it. The most important value the plays have is entertainment value. They are hugely entertaining because they have interesting stories, compelling characters, thought-provoking themes and the most incredibly and explosively powerful language ever created in English.

What subject did Tudor audiences most love in their plays?

They had several favourites: revenge, love, and history were top of the list.

How did shakespeares plays grab the audiences attention?

Shakespeare used lots of action like murder to keep the audience's attention.

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