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In Different Strokes with Michelle Trongone

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Q: In which movie Gabriella hall plays a lesbian character role?
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Is Gabriella Montes pregnant?

Yes, I have met a real Gabriella Montez, unless she said a false name, she was Gabriella Montez. She had never seen the book and when she saw the movie she was a little angry, but she sort of liked it, so she only told me.

Chris warren plays wich character in high school musical?

Gabriella monetise

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Has Troy Bulton Ever Kiss Vanessa Hudgens?

First of all, Troy Bolton is a CHARACTER in High School Musical 1st, 2nd, and eventually in the 3rd. Troy Bolton is PLAYED by Zac Efron. Vanessa Hudgens is an actress. She plays Gabriella Montez in the HSM movie series. If you are asking if Troy ever kisses Gabriella then that answer is a yes. He kisses her in the 2nd movie. If you are asking if Zac has ever kissed Vanessa, that question is a yes, also.

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What is high school musical's Gabriella's real name?

Vanessa Anne Hudgens plays Gabriella Montez.

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