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Q: Which word gives the passage a peaceful mood "As each wave drowsily lapped the shore, Leia dipped her"?
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Use the word lapped in a sentence?

After she lapped in the pool, she took a shower.

Different types of lapped seams?

A lapped seam is one of the four major types of seams. The types of lapped seams are bound seams and Hong Kong seams.

Use lapped in a sentence?

The ocean waves lapped at the sandy shore. As Jenson Button was limping back to the pits with a punctured tyre he was being lapped by the race leaders.

Is lapped an adjective?

It can be, as in car racing : a lapped rival. Lapped is the past tense and past participle of the verb to lap, which can mean to drink with the tongue, or to pass in a race. Lapped may be a verb or adjective.

What are lapped transforms and why they are used?

Lapped Transforms are used in Digital Signal Processing as a technique to improve spectral estimation. This methodology can be used in various applications such as speech encoding and decoding. This topic is rather complex, but you can see more about lapped transforms and their uses for free by searching "DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING USING LAPPED TRANSFORMS WITH VARIABLE PARAMETER WINDOWS AND ORTHONORMAL BASES"

What is the past tense of lap?

The past tense of "lap" is "lapped".

What was the race that ricky carmichael lapped everybody?


How do you use the word tranquilly in a sentence?

Tranquilly, the sea lapped over the rocks

What do Lapped-Faced vultures eat?

They eat carrions because they are scavengers and carrions are decomposers.

What is the name of the best driver of the forza 3?

me kyron caunt . i lapped a veyron with a saxo!

How does a driver get his lap back in a race?

Over take the car(s) which lapped him to begin with.

What is it called if you lose a lap in a race?

It is known as being lapped, going a lap down, going down a lap.

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