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Yellowcard never actually did breakup! However, they were on a 2-year hiatus/break. On August 1st, 2010, they ended the hiatus and are working on an album, set to release early 2011

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Q: Did the band Yellowcard break up?
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Is yellowcard a popular band?


Is yellowcard broken up for good?

Nobody is sure. Probably not, the band recently stated that they are not broken up, just on a hiatus (a break). I'm a big fan and I hope they come back soon.

Where was Only One sung by Yellowcard filmed?

The song Only One sung by Yellowcard was filmed in the Firehouse. Yellowcard is a band from Austin, Texas. A video of the band performing Only One can be found on YouTube.

What record label is Yellowcard on?

Yellowcard has been with Capitol records for the past few years. They've also been with Lobster Records. YELLOWCARD IS THE BEST BAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!

Is Yellowcard a punk band?

They are a band, but they are classified in terms of genre as a indie rock band. However, they were punk inspired.

When will Yellowcard's next album come out?

The band's looking at around March 2011

What is the name of the modern rock band of the 21 century that name starts with yellow?


When did Yellowcard release their first album?

The pop/punk band Yellowcard released their first album in 1997, the same year in which the group was formed. The album was titles "Midget Tossing".

How did the band Yellowcard get its name?

yellowcard got its name by looking at a plastic yellow card while they were trying to become famous i recently heard that there name was going to be strawberry lumps.

Is yellowcard an emo band?

No, they're classed as Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Pop Punk.

Did the band Skillet break up?

No, Skillet is still a band.

What is Georg Listing's favorite band?

He listed (no pun intended) that one band he likes is Yellowcard In a February 2010 interview with Tu Magazine he said that his favorite band is Oasis.