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The girl is just a metaphor for the beach scene in Jacksonville that took part in when they were young adults.

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Q: Did the band Yellowcard ever reunite with the girl they were singing about in Ocean Avenue?
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When was the album Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard released to the public?

The album Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard was released to the public on July 22nd, 2003. It is classified as an Pop punk or Alternative rock album, it lasts 45 minutes and 16 seconds.

What rock music videos are there with nuns?

Fall Out Boy - I don't care. Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

What Songs Best Describe Jay Gatsby?

"House of Cards" - Radiohead "The Fear" - Lily Allen "Ocean Avenue" - Yellowcard

How many cds does yellowcard have?

I think they have 5 albums. Here I Stand, One For the Kids, Ocean Avenue, Lights and Sounds, and Paper Walls. There are a few singles and such from their earlier days, check it out to be sure. Edit-- Actually, there are 5, but I think they are: "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes", "One For the Kids", "Ocean Avenue", "Lights and Sounds", and "Paper Walls". I don't think that Here I Stand is an Album...

When was Ocean Avenue - album - created?

Ocean Avenue - album - was created in 2003.

How many miles is it from Allen avenue and ocean avenue in allenhurst NJ 07711 to roosevelt avenue and ocean avenue deal NJ 07723?

1 2/3 miles NORTH on Ocean Ave.

When was Ocean Avenue - song - created?

Ocean Avenue - song - was created on 2004-09-05.

What is that music video with a guy running and almost gets hit by a car?

Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard or Karma Police by Radiohead

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Which 'avenue' am I on? There's a place off ocean 'avenue' ...... This 'avenue' is very active with young teens!

What songs are on the yellowcard album ocean avenue?

1."Way Away" 3:222."Breathing" 3:383."Ocean Avenue" 3:184."Empty Apartment" 3:365."Life of a Salesman" 3:186."Only One" 4:177."Miles Apart" 3:328."Twentythree" 3:279."View from Heaven" 3:2210."Inside Out" 3:4011."Believe" 4:3112."One Year, Six Months" 3:2813."Back Home" 3:55Total length:47:16

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I'm almost positive the address is still 112 ocean avenue. I used the map on my touch,and put it to satilite so you could see the actual house. And when I did this the 112 ocean avenue house looked exactly like it.

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