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2002, he wanted to break it up to achieve more environmental issues.

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Q: When did Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil break up from the band?
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What is Peter Garrett best known for?

Peter Garrett is an Australian singer and musician. He is perhaps most well known for being the lead singer in the band "Midnight Oil". He has also served on the Australian parliament.

Which rock band was peter garret part of?

Midnight Oil

The vocalist of midnight oil?

Peter Garret was lead singer of Midnight Oil. He trained and worked as a lawyer before joining the band, and since its breakup, has been elected to the Australian Parliament.

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Why is Peter Garrett in the news?

As Australia's Environment Minister, Peter Garrett is often in the news. His most recent newsworthy comments (August 17) pertained to the fact that he believes Australian governments should start to address problems concerning regional ecosystems rather than adopting a "band-aid" approach to dealing with species under stress.

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