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A hiatus is a lack in continuity. It means that the band is temporarly or even permanently on a break.

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Q: What does it mean when a band is on hiatus?
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Is the band ABBA dead or any of the performers?

The band has been on hiatus since 1982, but none of the performers are dead.

Is the predators a band name or not?

"The Predators" is an Australian Rock band formed 2005. They are currently on a hiatus. There is also a band called "Predator" from the US.

When will the band system of a down get off of hiatus?

There is talk of it happening around now.

What caused blink 182's Hiatus?

'Rising tensions in the band'. Tom started it.

What is the band fall out boys life now?

They've been hiatus since 2009

Did system of a down member die?

Daron Malakian

Is Breaking Benjamin a band anymore?

On April 19th, 2013, it was announced on the band's Facebook page that the 2-year hiatus is finally over.

Why did blur split?

They never actually split, just went on a hiatus in 2003-2008. People persume this hiatus was because Graham Coxon left the band - though no one really knows.

How many concerts has Breaking Benjamin had in the past year?

From 2010-2012, Breaking Benjamin as a band did not hold any concerts due to the band's hiatus.

What does indefinite hiatus mean?

Indefinite hiatus means the band has decided to stop touring and producing records, generally to focus on individual's families or other obligations. They are not officially broken up, but they also aren't sure whether they'll ever be back together again.

Where and when did Fall Out Boy break up?

The band has not officially broken up. They're on hiatus, but some ambiguous tweets earlier this week were blown out of proportion. The band is 'taking a break', and they are unsure if/when the hiatus will end.

Is Breaking Benjamin going on tour in 2011?

No. The band is currently on hiatus due to Benjamin Burnley's health issues.