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Yes. All of the album covers were considered pop art at the time.

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Q: Did the Beatle's album have pop art?
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What was the second Beatles album?

The second Beatles album was "with The Beatles". It was made in 1963 and lots of songs of theirs we know are on it. It uses the same cover art as the album "Meet the Beatles" which was released exclusively in the U.S.A for their tour here.

What has the author Martina Linnemann written?

Martina Linnemann has written: 'Pop-Art auf Plattencovern' -- subject(s): Velvet Underground (Musical group), Rolling Stones, Beatles, Album covers, Sound recordings, Pop art, History

When was Volume One - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band album - created?

Volume One - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band album - was created in 1965.

What is pop up art?

Pop Art is the debut album from UK pop/rock band Transvision Vamp. It was released in 1988 and features their hit single 'I Want Your Love'. The album reached #4 in the UK and over in Australia, it was the 25th highest selling album of 1989.

The Beatles album The Beatles is also known as what?

The White Album

Was Beatles for sale a Beatles album?

Yes it was. Beatles For Sale was their 4th album in the UK.In the USA, eight of its tracks appeared on the Beatles'65 album and six more on Beatles VI.

What was the second beatles album titled?

The second official Beatles album that was released is called "With the Beatles"

Album that The Beatles sold most of?

The White Album, or The Beatles Album

What Beatles album what Eight Days A Week on?

No, it was the name of a Beatles song, but not an album.

When was the beatles second album out?

In the UK. their second album "With The Beatles" was released in 1963. In the US. their second album "Meet The Beatles" was released in 1964.

The song ' Hold Me Tight' is on which album?

The album it's on is Meet The Beatles(or With The Beatles).

Where can one find the Beatles revolver?

Our friend is a huge Beatles fan and has almost every Beatles album. He just found the Beatles album Revolver on iTunes and downloaded the full album.