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Q: What is the proper name of the Beatles album most commonly called the White Album?
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What is Beatles ninth official album commonly known as?

The Beatles ninth studio album is Magical Mystery Tour

What was the second beatles album titled?

The second official Beatles album that was released is called "With the Beatles"

Was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band a double album?

No, it was not. The only double album The Beatles released was The Beatles (more commonly known as the White Album) which was released in 1968.

What was the Beatles fourth album called?

I believe it would be the album "Beatles For Sale", released on December 4, 1964.

Why are some of the Beatles albums called Black Albums?

The Beatles released a double album called "The Beatles" in a plain white sleeve; it is better known as The White Album. Black Albums, are "bootleg" albums - sometimes of some of the demo tracks recorded for the White Album.

Did the beatles have a song called no reply?

Yes, it's on their "Beatles For Sale" album. It's a great song.

The Beatles album The Beatles is also known as what?

The White Album

Was Beatles for sale a Beatles album?

Yes it was. Beatles For Sale was their 4th album in the UK.In the USA, eight of its tracks appeared on the Beatles'65 album and six more on Beatles VI.

What was the third Beatles album called?

Jesse McCartney's 3rd album is called Departure and is comig out in May 20th(2008). His previous albums were Beautiful Soul(2004) and Right Where You Want Me(2006)

Album that The Beatles sold most of?

The White Album, or The Beatles Album

What band released the White Album?

The Beatles released a self-titled double album, The Beatles, in November 1968. The public called it the "White Album" for its plain white cover, and later so did everyone.

What Beatles album what Eight Days A Week on?

No, it was the name of a Beatles song, but not an album.