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Our friend is a huge Beatles fan and has almost every Beatles album. He just found The Beatles album Revolver on iTunes and downloaded the full album.

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Q: Where can one find the Beatles revolver?
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Weapon used by The Beatles in 1966?

There were two Beatles albums released in 1966. 1. Revolver - 5th of August, 1966 2. A Collection of Beatles Oldies - 9th of December, 1966

What song of the beatles is composed over a phrygian scale?

The song is called ' And your bird can sing', you can find it on the Revolver album.

What vessel is sung about on the beatles' revolver album?

"Yellow Submarine"

What Beatles album does Tomorrow Never Knows come from?


Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'Revolver' by Beatles?

"Revolver" is the title of an album by the Beatles that was released in August of 1966. There is not a title track on the album. The most famous songs include Eleanor Rigby, Got To Get You Into My Life, Good Day Sunshine and Yellow Submarine. Lyrics for Beatle songs are available on Metro Lyrics, AZ Lyrics and Lets Sing It, among others.

What Beatles song had the phrase one for you nineteen for me?

George Harrison's "Taxman", from Revolver. The line refers to the 95% income tax bracket the Beatles found themselves in, during their peak years.

Where online can one find listings of The Beatles' Christmas records?

One can find listings of The Beatles's Christmas records when one goes to the website of allmusic. On this website, one can find information of the complete collection of The Beatles' songs from 1963 to 1969.

What is the Name of Beatles album in 1966?

Revolver, was released August 5, 1966.

What album did the Beatles promote during their last concert tour in 1966?


How were the Beatles songs Rubber Soul and Revolver different from the previous output?


Where can a person find information on Velvet Revolver music?

There are many places where one can find information on Velvet Revolver music. One can find information on Velvet Revolver music at popular on the web sources such as Sing 365 and Song Facts.

When was the album Revolver by The Beatles made?

Revolver was recorded during April 6 - June 21 1966 and released on August 5, 1966