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Yes. Approximately 1,000,000 girls and1,000,000 boys cried. That would equal 2,000,000 kids cried during Hannah Montana Forever The final episode.

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Q: Did anybody cry during Hannah Montana forever the final episode?
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Will Hannah Montana be still on?

Not anymore, Hannah Montana forever's 13 episode were the last.

What kind of DVD does Hannah Montana have?

She has a DVD of every Hannah Montana Forever episode and she has several DVDs of Hannah Montana shows.

How many episode will there be of Hannah Montana Forever?


Is episode 9 the last episode of Hannah Montana forever?

no there is 12 episodes

When did episode 10 of Hannah Montana Forever air?


Can you see Hannah Montana forever episodes today?

There is a new episode of Hannah Montana almost every Sunday.

Is Hannah Montana really Almost over?

Hannah Montana Forever is almost over. One more episode until it's over...forever

Is wherever i go the last episode for Hannah Montana forever?


What happened on episode 3 on Hannah Montana forever?

Hannah tells Jackson's girlfriend her secret

What is Miley Cyruses new TV episode called?

Hannah Montana Forever

When does the nnew Hannah Montana forever episode come on?

The next episode of Hannah Montana Forever airs January 30th, 2011, and it is called "I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!" in this episode Vicki Lawrence comes and guest stars as Mamaw. Hope I helped!

Will there be anymore new shows for Hannah Montana forever?

No there will not be anymore Hannah Montana. She had the movie and then the episode revealing her secret. Hope that helps you out Bye...