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Jason Earles who plays Jackson in Hannah Montana/Hannah Montana Forever.

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Q: Who plays Kevin on Fish Hooks?
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Who plays oscer in fish hooks?

Justin Roiland plays Oscar in fish hooks.

Who plays the goth fish on fish hooks?


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Who plays jombo fish on fish hooks?

Steven Christopher Parker

Who plays the Baldwin on fish hooks?

dona snyder

Who plays Shellsea fish hooks?

= Kari Wahlgren =

Who plays Jocktopus on Fish Hooks?

John DiMaggio

Who plays Clamantha on Fish Hooks?

Alex Hirsch

Who plays Oscar in the show fish hooks?

Justin Roiland

What actor plays Milo in Fish Hooks?

Kyle Massey :)

Who plays the voice of milo from fish hooks?

kyle massy

Who plays oscer in the show Fish Hooks?

Justin Roiland