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Yes, but that's in Hannah Montana Forever. I'm not sure of the episode, but it's when Miley gets a part in a really important movie, and Lily, her best friend, asks her to go to college together. Lily finds out, and she gets mad, but then they make up.

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Q: Did Hannah Montana start college
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What year did Hannah Montana start?

Hannah Montana started in 2006.

When did she start Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus started Hannah Montana when she was about 12 years old

When did Hannah Montana start going out with him?

Going out with who? And I don't think Hannah Montana is going out with anyone, Miley maybe but not Hannah.

What college did Hannah Montana go to on Hannah Montana forever?

In Hannah Montana Forever Miley Stewart goes to Stanford University, but Hannah Montana does not go to college at all, because she tells the world the truth about Hannah Montana and that Hannah Montana is not her real name.

Will there be college years on Hannah Montana?

No, the season at the moment is/was finished.

When will Hannah Montana never be shown again?

January 16 2011 the episode is called movie or college?

Are they ready to start season 4 of Hannah Montana?

They've already started it. are they already on season4 of Hannah Montana yet or not?

Did miley cyrus start her concert as Hannah Montana in 2011?

No. She started her concert as hannah montana in 2006 or 2007. :D

When will Hannah Montana Forever start?

it already started

What year did Hannah Montana the program start?


When does Hannah Montana the movie start?

April 10th

Which college does Jackson go in the serial Hannah Montana?

Tennessee university