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No, sorry to say but they have not met. Perry wants nothing to do with the old journey/new journey and doesnt listen to their songs.

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Q: Did Steve perry and arnel pineda met in person?
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Is arnel pineda Steve perry's real son?

No. They are not related.

Does journeys have a new lead singer?

'73 - '77 Gregg Rolie '77 - '86 Steve Perry Neil stepped up when Steve left, then Steve Augeri and Arnel Pineda came in.

Is Steve Perry touring with journey in 2011?

No, Arnel Pineda is still an official member

Was the version of don't stop believing in the movie bedtime stories sung by arnel pineda?

Arnel Pineda does a better Steve Perry impression than Steve Perry. He is way better vocalist. I love the new versions of their classic songs.

What are the names of all lead singers of musical group Journey?

Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, Arnel Pineda.

Journey's lead singer?

Steve perry-old. Arnel Pineda-newTHATS A LOAD OF RUBBISHACTUALLY ITSSteve Augeri NEWSteve Perry OLD

Who is the singer in jurney?

Arnel Pineda, as of 07, prior to that, Steve Perry although both sound the same. Arnel was in a cover band and sounded just like Steve which is why the band made him the singer.

Does Steve perry still sing?

yes, he does. He's realeaseing an album in December or January.

Those arnel pineda sing mother father?

No, the original recoding is Steve Perry. But it is Dean Castranovo who sing it live in their concert tours.

Is steve perry the lead vocal for the rock group journey?

He was. Until he hurt his hip hiking in Hawii. Now, the lead singer is Arnel Pineda.

Who sang Don't Stop Believing for Journey?

"Don't Stop Believin'" is originally from Journey's 1981 album Escape.

Who is the lead singer of the band Journey?

The current lead singer of the band Journey is Arnel Pineda. There are many past lead vocalists as well...from the years 1998-2006 Steve Augeri; in 1977 it was Robert Flieschman; 1977-1998 it was Steve Perry; 2006-2007 it was Jeff Scott Soto.