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yes , breast surgery.

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Q: Did Aly Michalka Do Any Plastic Surgeries?
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What is Aly Michalka's official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Aly Michalka is not known at this time.WikiAnswers does not disclose personal contact details for celebrities nor any other individual.

Does Amanda Michalka have children?

No. She does not have any children.

Does Trina have any plastic surgery?

Trina openly discusses her plastic surgery and feels it's worth it for the confidence it brings. She has had a buttocks implant, among other surgeries.

What is the most dangerous form of plastic surgery?

All surgeries include risks. In plastic surgery, the risks are increased when longer is the duration of the surgery and when any organs may be involved.

What surgeries can you die from?


Where does Alex Pettyfer live?

He moved to Los Angeles, California in September. There is an unsubstantiated rumor that he lives with Alyson Michalka (from the band Aly & AJ) but that has not been confirmed by any reliable source and Pettyfer and Michalka have never been photographed together.northern IrelandAlex Pettyfer moved to Los Angeles, CA in September 2008.He moves between South-East England (Berkshire) and Americaright now, he's in Montreal filming his new film Beastly, which comes out 31st July 2010 :D

Any surgeries for deep scars?

There are types of plastic surgery that can be performed to disguise or eliminate scarring. An appointment with a plastic surgeon would be necessary to discuss the scarring and the avenues open to the patient, as each surgery is accommodated to the patient's needs.

Do Aly and Aj have any siblings?

no they don't have any they are the only ones by Alicia Michelle

Do you bleed more from facial plastic surgery than from other routine surgeries?

i dont think so that any type of surgery is imp for our body because our natrural body is best.

Are there any surgeries or procedures you can get for leukemia?

Bone marrow Transplant

Where can I find advice on cost for gastric bypass surgery?

The best advice would come from a plastic surgeon who does gastric bypass surgeries. Or your family physician could answer your questions. Any doctor would be able to answer your questions best.

Did yoon eun hye had a operation on he face?

she DID NOT get any plastic surgeries. The Joinus photoshoot release was just a result of photoshop because of bad make up ang lighting. Yoon Eun Hye has a natural beauty.