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2 nose surgeries

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2009-10-15 03:57:15
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Q: How many nose surgeries did Michael Jackson have?
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What was Michael Jackson's Surgeries?

mostly nose surgeries.

What ever happen to Michael Jackson nose?

Michael Jackson had complications from several cosmetic surgeries.

How many times did Michael Jackson have surgery on his nose?

He admitted to having 2 surgeries on his nose and that's all.

How many surgeries did Michael Jackson go through?

According to Michael himself: only two surgeries on his nose by choice. He probably had more but as medical procedures.

What surgeries did Michael Jackson have done on himself?

Nose (twice) and a cleft/implant put in his chin.

Why Michael Jackson always 'wiped' his nose?

He had allergies, and surgeries. Between the two it's pretty obvious.

What happened to Michael Jackson's ear?

Michael Jackson was known for having several plastic surgeries especially on his nose. The doctors are thought to of used his ear for skin for his nose jobs. His ear was severely disfigured.

Where has Michael Jackson had surgeries?

He had his nose done at least twice and he had a cleft put in his chin, those are the only ones that he has admitted to.

How many surgeries did Michael Jackson have and what surgeries did he have?

He had two on his nose. The fact that his skin turned white from vitilligo and he wears make up alot, and he has aged through the years, leads people to believe that he has had more surgeries. But it just looks like it because he is a white black 50 year old with a nose job

Why did Michael Jackson get so many surgeries even though he was already handsome to start with?

Michael Jackson claims that he only have done the nose twice and a cleft put in his chin, the reason (i think) is because his father said he was ugly when he was younger.

Did Michael Jackson have a nose that could fall off?

No, that is a myth that came from the tabloids. Unfortunately, Michael had a condition where he was constantly displeased with how he looked, and as a result, he had many plastic surgeries, including "nose jobs." Ultimately, his nose ended up looking very strange and artificial, because it had been operated on so many times. But it was his nose, and it never fell off.

Did Michael Jackson have nose surgery?

He has had nose surgery on his nose many times. Actually just twice

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