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please show me womean varign awhich are aintercourses do

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Go take a class in sex ed and you may be able to see an educational video about sex plus learn a few things to help you.

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Q: Can you show me the video of intercourse methods?
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How does a chimpanzee show love?

They have intercourse.

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I'd tell her about the authentic data that how many people are engaged in anal intercourse with their consent, then to persuade her, I'll show her porn video of sodomy.

Male female intercoourse video?

There are male and female intercourse videos in health classes to show the reproduction system. They are also shown in universities and colleges to teach about human reproduction.

Is it ok for a man to video record his sexual intercourse?

If his partner agrees

What are the methods of vaginal sexual intercourse between men and women?

look up "Kama Sutra"

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How can pregnancy be avoided after intercourse?

There are a few ways to avoid pregnancy, the oral contraceptive and the condom are the best methods.

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Is it possible to get pregnant two days after periods even if no intercourse happened?

Depends on when you last had intercourse. Semen can linger and be viable a few days after intercourse, and rhythm methods are notoriously unreliable. But pregnancy w/o sex doesn't happen among humans.

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who has the patents award in the 1950's for automatic video scanning and inspection methods which led to a bar code technology?

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