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Nope, it's not for PC.

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Q: Can you play the family guy game on PC?
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Is there an online Family Guy game?

Yes, you can download Family Guy A Quest for Stuffto your mobile device or PC.

How do you play smackdown ps2 game on PC?

The PS2 game version will not play on a PC and SVR does not come as a PC game

Can a PC player play with a ps3 player in bbc2?

The game does not matter a PS3 can not play where a PC plays can not Play a PC Game and a PC can not play an Xbox 360 or PS3 game. You confuse the name of the game it is BBC2 for PC why would you think the software was OK to play against a PS3 when can you put any PS3 game in your PC and play it.

If you burn a disc of a game you can only play on a PC can you play the disc on mac?

key phrase "game you can ONLY play on a pc" this implies you need a PC.

How do you play DS games on PC?

Whatever DS game you have buy the game for the PC. If you cant buy the game, you don't play DS games on the PC.

How do you convert ps2 game to PC game?

by changing the PC to be able to play PS2 games which is called emulation and not by changing the game disc to be able to play on the PC

Where do you go to play black ops on the computer?

you got to your PC and put your PC game disc in your PC or Purchase a download for the PC. Without the Game's purchase you can not go to a site and just play the game

What are the requirement of fight night round 3 ps2 game on PC?

The PS2 game does not play on a PC. Even if the PC has an emulator it is the games file that will play and not a game disc

How do you play HeartGold on the PC?

You can not Pokemon Heartgold is a Nintendo DS game and you can only play PC games on the PC

Where could one play the PC game Viticulture?

One could play the PC game Viticulture in one's own home, on one's own PC. The purchase of the game would be necessary to play it and it can be found at Amazon.

Can you play a PC game on playstation2?


Can you download PC game mods onto a PS3?

The PS3 will not play PC games and PC game Mods will not mod a PS3 game.