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by changing the PC to be able to play PS2 games which is called emulation and not by changing the game disc to be able to play on the PC

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Q: How do you convert ps2 game to PC game?
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How do you convert PS2 game into PC game?

you r install in PC ps2 emulter and bios and play ps2 games

How do you free download software to convert ps2 game to PC?

There is no software which will convert a PS2 Game Disc into a PC game Disc. PS2 emulation could allow a PC to play a PS2 game if you could find and download a reliable emulation

Is there a software to convert PS2 game to PC game?

No there is poor quality software that will allow a PC to try to play the PS2 game, but none that will convent a PS2 game into a PC game

You know where you can download software to convert ps2 game CD to play on PC?

i want to download free software to convert ps2 game CD to play on PC

Can you convert a PlayStation 2 game into a PC game?

no the PC would have to be converted to play PS2

Is there any software to convert PS2 CD int PC DVD?

There is the PCSX2 that does not convert your game but allows your PC to use your PS2 bios to play some PS2 games

How do you convert a PC game disc to playstation 2 disc?

You do not the Game much be developed for the PS2 by the developers and formatted for the PS2

How can you convert a PC game into a ps2 game?

Games are not converted a PS2 game is always a PS2 game or a PC game is always a PC game. Just because a developer can release games in multiple formats does not mean they can be converted. They are software that has to be rewritten for the game to work in the other systems

Can you convert a computer game so it plays on a PS2?

No the software was designed to be run by a PC

Ps2 games convert to PC games?

Not without an emulator and not every title can play with available emulators like PCSX2. They convert the PC to Play the PS2 game downloaded files with the PS2 bios and do not convert the games to play on a PC. The difference being that the games software is not rewritten to play on the PC like a game that has been designed to play on the PC that also has a version designed to play on the PS2

How any program convert game PC a ps2?

No a program does not convert a game. The Games Manufacture each must spend a great deal of time and money to allow a single game title to play on a different format or console and you can not just run a program to convert all PS2 titles to PC or Vice Versa

How you do the PC game super Metroid for ps2?

A PS2 does not play a PC game, but it is a Nintendo Game and also not played by the PS2