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Q: Can non-diegetic sound be background music?
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Is singing a type of music?

Yes, singing is a type of music. Singing whether it be with sound in the background or not is a form of music. Singing without background music is called a cappella singing.

What is the social background in sound of the music film?

I would say dancing and singing

How would a negative bias most likely enter into a radio report?

Sound effects such as coughing or fighting

What is the background of soul music?

Soul music gets its background from rhythm and blues, gospel and jazz music. It was very popular in the 50s and 60s. Sub genres include blue-eyed soul, Motown Sound and smooth soul.

What is Diagetic sound and non diagetic?

diagetic sound is when they person on tv eg, interveiwer can here the background music, and non diajetic is the opposite, End of. ----Not exactly. Diagetic sound is sound that is coming from within the chracters 'world'. Like a radio, the tv or background noise. Non-diagetic sound is something that the chracter doesnt hear. Like music that is added to make a scene more exciting, give a forshadowing, etc.

What is the loudness of sound in normal conversation?

The loudness of sound in a normal conversation is typically around 60-70 decibels. This is similar to the sound level of background music or an air conditioning unit.

What is the difference between twilight the sound track and twilight the score?

twilight the sountrack has actual songs on it and the score has the background music on it.

Can you identify four basic ways that music can be used in television?

1) Commercial use (advertising Cd's, background music) 2) The background music and underscore of movies and television. 3) Various sound effects throughout programs that are produced by means of musical instruments. 4) In television programs where music is carried out or performed by actors and characters. (Musicals)

What is definition of music?

Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

How does the background of an artist influence his music?

Any time a musician writes or performs music, it comes from his knowledge and background. When a person performs music, it says who he is. Background affects who he is and what kind of musical education he has had. Music is expression. Without a circumstance (background) or knowledge (background), it is impossible to express.

Where you can download the background music for call of duty 4 for your iPod?

u cant download the background music for the ipod because its only the background music no one would ever think to put it on the ipod and i do agree the background music is cool

Would a music or sound editor be able pull out the background music from old movies available as 'public domain' to add a new soundtrack while leaving other sound intact -i.e. voice and sound effects?

A noise gate can be applied to the audio track to mute the sound when it reaches below a certain threshold, but any talking or sounds you want to preserve would have the music playing in the background when the gate opens up. Sound tracks of older movies often have parts where the music is louder than the background sounds, so this won't work either. EQ's and other filters can be applied to isolate frequencies, but a violin or trumpet is going to be right in the range of vocal sounds. The best bet is to try your hand at creating a score for a silent movie, as they don't have any original sound.