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Slow, gloomy background music

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Sound effects such as coughing or fighting

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Slow, gloomy background music

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How would a positive bias most likely enter into a radio report?

Fast, upbeat background music

How do you enter radio code on Renault laguna?

on the comand for radio enter your code

Will your radio stop working when you change battery in your BMW 318i?

Yes, You will have to enter the radio code,this should be in the back of the operator's manuel. If you do not have.You will most likely have to go to the dealership.

How do you enter radio code for Acura?

How to enter your2003 Acura tl radio unlock code

Where do you have to be from to enter into radio Disney NBT?

Anywhere! If you have talent then you can enter and have a shot to be Radio Disney's NBT!

How do you enter a security code for radio?

With the radio presets

How to enter radio codes for 93 Honda accord - I have the code?

Enter the code with the preset buttons on the radio.

How do you enter the code on radio Acura MDX 2003?

Use your radio Pre-Set channel to enter code

How do you enter your wish for the Wlite radio staton online?

how do I enter my wish for Christmas on the radio station "

How to enter radio code 1992 Ford Laser radio?

In order to enter the radio code 1992 Ford Laser radio, you need to do the following: Locate the car radio serial number Visit the website for the Ford Radio Code website Enter the serial number, the model, and the year of the Ford Laser radio Submit the information and the radio code will be displayed Enter the code into the Ford Laser radioOnce you have entered the code, you should be able to access the radio again. Make sure you write down the radio code so you don't have to enter it again in the future.

How do enter the unlock code in the 1996 Honda accord?

If you are asking about the radio unlock code you enter it with the radio preset buttons.

How do you enter radio code for 2007 Honda Civic?

Use the radio preset buttons to enter the code after turning the ignition on.