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With the radio presets

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Q: How do you enter a security code for radio?
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How do you enter security code for hiace radio?

Code for 2007 hiace

How do you enter the security code on the radio of a 2012 Dodge Caravan?

With the radio presets

How do you enter radio code for Acura TL?

Using the preset buttons on the radio's front dashboard, enter the security code to unlock it. you do not have the code get in touch with Acura to obtain it.

How do you reset the radio of an Acura TL 2000 when it won't accept the security code?

What worked for me was to unplug the antenna in the back of the radio and then enter the security code. Once the security code is entered, you can plug the antenna connector back into the radio.

Why does the radio not go on after changing car battery?

You probably need a code to enter into the radio presets as it is a security radio. Without the code it will not function.

How do you enter radio security code acura 98 rl?

Open the radio from panel and take Serial number of the radio and call Acura dealer and get the radio code

How do you enter a security code for the radio on a 1992 Ford Laser?

The security code gets entered into the number pad (channel selector), type in the four digit code and you will then be able to tune in the radio as this is not automatic

What is the code to unlock the radio is it security code or radio code?

If your radio is locked and needs to be unlocked, it would require a security code versus a radio code.

How do you enter radio code on Renault laguna?

on the comand for radio enter your code

Off appears on your 1996 Volvo radio?

The "OFF" message indicates that you have made 3 invalid attempts to enter your radio's security code. Just leave the radio turned on in this condition for several hours. You should then see the "CODE" message. Now you can enter the code.

How do you enter radio code for Acura?

How to enter your2003 Acura tl radio unlock code