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4' 33" by John Cage has no sound or music.

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2015-05-26 20:35:27
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Q: What piece by john cage has no sound or music?
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What is aleatoric music by john cage?

Aleatoric music is a type of music where some part of the composition is left to chance. John Cage is credited with being the first to create this type of music with his piece 'Music of Changes.'

What kind of music does not use instruments?

A contemporary piece like John Cage's 4'33".

What music did John Cage play?

John Cage's music is called serialism.

What kind of music is John Cage was associated with?

Chance music is the kind of music that John Cage was associated with.

What type of music did John Cage write?

The music John Cage writes is classified often as Experimental music or aleatory music.

What is the Organization of sound length called?

According to John Cage, who called music "the organization of sound", the component of sound that deals with length is called "duration".

What is John Cage's occupation?

John Cage is a/an Composer and music theorist

What did john cage play?

John Cage's music is called serialism.

John Cage is known as the father of what kind of music?

John Cage is known as the father of chance music.

Where are the musics?

Music is everywhere. As demonstrated by John Cage's 4:33, (a piece performed on any instrument in which no sound is produced by the performer) anything can be music. The mere background noises that we take for granted can become musical. It is all based on our mind frame when we are listening.

Which composer is famous for incorporating silence into his music?

John Cage famously wrote 4'33", a piece consisting (aurally) solely of silence.

John Cage was associated with what kind of music?

Chance Music

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