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con air

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Q: What movie did john malchovich and Nicholas Cage act in together?
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In the movie knowing what did Nicholas Cage sign to the boy?

Me, you together forever

Was Nicholas Cage in the movie it can happen to you?

Nicholas Cage and Bridget Fonda starred in "It Could Happen to You"

What is the synopsis of the movie The Weather Man?

The movie, 'The Weather Man', starring Nicholas Cage, is about a TV weatherman. Nicholas Cage's character undergoes a midlife crisis and the movie is about him coping with it.

Nicholas Cage must help protect the Navajo code talkers in which war movie?

Nicholas Cage starred in the 2002 John Woo movie "Windtalkers."

Who stared in the movie the sorcerers apprentice?

Nicholas Cage

Which movie did John Travolta and Nicholas Cage star in together?

Urban Cowboy

Is in the new Nicholas Cage movie? is not a person so no it could not be in the movie. The only way Answers would be in the movie is if the movie was being filmed in front of one of the offices which no Nicholas Cage movies were.

Who are the main actors in the movie 'Windtalkers'?

Nicholas Cage is one.

Who played ghost rider in the first movie?

Nicholas Cage

In which movie does Nicholas Cage play a paramedic?

Bringing Out the Dead

What movie did Nicholas Cage play Cameron Poe?

Cage played Cameron Poe in Con Air.

In which movie did Nicholas Cage steal The Declaration of Independence?

National Treasure