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No, you will have to order these special contacts from an online store. You do need to get a prescription from a doctor though to make sure they fit properly.

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Q: Can You Get Sharingan Contacts From An Eye doctor?
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When did the Sharingan contacts business start?

Sharingan Contacts is a website devoted to selling cosmetic contact lenses meant to change the appearance of the eye. The website began operation in 2010.

Can you get contacts without going to the eye doctor first i tried to go to the eye doctor and get contacts but i couldn't get them in can i get some in my prescription to practice with thanks?

If you have a current prescription within 1 year old, you can order contacts online without going to the eye doctor. Once your prescription is over 1 year old, you will have to have another eye exam.

Where to buy eternal mangekyou sharingan?

If your asking about contacts that look like Sharingan, try Googling it!:D

What is an eye doctor?

An eye doctor is a person who is very knowledgable in the optical area. They are able to diagnose people with eye diseases as well as prescribe glasses and/or contacts.

How do you improve eye vision?

YoU can't by your self you need to go to the eye doctor and probably contacts or glasses can help you

Is there such thing as permanent contacts?

Only laser eye surgery can give permanent results. If you'd like to stay with contacts, however, ask your eye doctor about the 30 day variety.

Blindness while wearing contacts.?

You should not have complications or blindness from wearing contacts. Follow the instructions given by your eye doctor and always keep your contacts clean. Only wear contacts prescribed for you.

What is tobi's jutsu?

Tobi (Madara Uchiha) uses the sharingan on his left eye. Some people think its obito because his sharingan is on his left eye like kakashi, but kakashi has sharingan on the right side.

Where did Kakashi get the sharingan?

Kakashi did not start out with the sharingan he got it from his friend in his childhood after his eye was cut in battle.

How can danzo have sharingan?

Well, Danzo can have sharingan by having absorbed uchiha shisui's color into his right side of the body. Obito did this to Kakashi when his eye was badly damaged. He put one sharingan eye into his damaged eye. Since Kakashi is not a member of the Uchiha clan, he cannot deactivate his sharingan eye. Because of this, he usually keeps it covered with his mask to conserve chakra.

Is it possible to have eye surgery to make your eye look like the sharingan?


Where can cheap colored contacts be bought?

Color contacts can be purchased at a variety of locations. If you need prescription color contacts, you should visit a local eye doctor for an eye test and options. If you are looking for non-prescription color contacts, visit a costume shop, either online or in person.