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Not a movie... the long-running police drama "Hawaii Five-O". (Dano was Detective Danny Williams, played by James MacArthur.)

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Q: Book 'em Dano is from what movie?
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What does dano mean in Hawaii Five-o?

Dano is the nickname of Danny Williams (played by Scott Caan).

How many time did JacK Lord say Book Em Dano during Hawaii 5o series?

Zero. He never said, "Book 'em, Dan-o". He said, "Book 'em, Dan'l"

Where does the phrase bookem dano come from?

The phrase, Book em Dana originated from the TV show, Hawaii Five-O. Hawaii Five-O aired from 1968 to 1980 on CBS.

What 2010 movie is Hutch Dano in?

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What does it mean when someone says dano?

Dano was a the nickname for a character in the old version of the television show "Hawaii Five-O." Jack Lord, who played the lead would often say, "Book him Dano" at the end of the show. If some one calls you Dano, it could mean that they consider you a partner or helper.

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Hutch Dano (Hutchings Royal Dano) is Royal's grandson.

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