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Royal Dano's birth name is Royal Edward Dano Sr..

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Q: What is the birth name of Royal Dano?
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What is Hutch Dano's full name?

Hutch Dano's full birth name is Hutchings "hutch" Royal Dano :D

What is the birth name of Paul Dano?

Paul Dano's birth name is Paul Franklin Dano.

What is the birth name of Linda Dano?

Linda Dano's birth name is Wildermuth, Linda Rae.

Who are Royal Dano's grandchildren?

Hutch Dano (Hutchings Royal Dano) is Royal's grandson.

What is the birth name of Dano Johnson?

Dano Johnson's birth name is Nathaniel Reuel Harms Johnson.

Are Royal Dano Linda Dano related?

According to Linda Dano on her own website, she never had any children, so Paul Dano cannot be her son or grandson.

How tall is Royal Dano?

Royal Dano is 6' 2".

Who was Royal Dano's wife?

Royal Dano was my Uncle, and he was married to a woman named Peggy.

When was Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy created?

Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy was created in 1509.

When did Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy end?

Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy ended in 1814.

When was Royal Dano born?

Royal Dano was born on November 16, 1922, in New York City, New York, USA.

What is the birth name of Royal Yates?

Royal Yates's birth name is Royal A. Yates.