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Well to answer that would be impossible. It is not really a question, but an opinion question.

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Q: Are ac dc bedder then the Jonas brothers?
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Who is better acdc or the Jonas Brothers?

Definatly Ac/Dc. Im shocked you'd Compare Ac/Dc to "The Jonas Brothers"...Seriously...What a Horrible Band (Jonas Brothers.)

Where did Joe Jonas play all his concert?

i don't care, Jonas brothers suck listen to good music liek ac/dc and queens of the stonage

Where did AC DC start?

AC/DC started in Australia by two brothers named Malcolm and Angus Young.

Who are the founding brothers of AC DC?

Angus and Malcom Young

Who are the founding brothers of AC or DC?

I don't understand your question...

Who are the founding brothers of AC/DC?

malcom and angus young

When are the Jonas brothers performing in DC?

They will be in D.C. on July 13, 2009 at the Verison Center.

Is ac dc the band named after air conditioning components?

No; the band is named after Alternating Current/Direct Current or AC/DC. This was adopted after they saw AC/DC printed on the sewing machine of the Young brothers older sister, Margaret

Music group beginns with a?

The Allman Brothers AC / DC Atlanta Rhythm Section The Animals

What song did the Jonas brothers play on studio dc almost live?

'That's just the way we roll'.

Is there any possibilty of ac and DC flows in conductor at a time and get DC and AC with two reference AC and DC?

A typical AC waveform is symmetrical about a zero crossing point. You can bias the AC with DC such that the AC waveform is symmetrical about the DC voltage.

Ac to DC formula?

formula for ac to dc