Any funny pantomime ideas

Updated: 8/30/2023
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how bout trying to fit into a really tight pair of pants, like jumping around trying to pull them on, even rolling on the floor struggling to fit the pants on
Or clearing the table, then dropping all of the dishes and trying to catch them

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Rocking chair - rock back and forth

Knitting needles - knitting motions while sitting down

Toothbrush - motion brushing your teeth

Basketball - mime dribbling a Basketball and shooting a shot

Bicycle - sitting in chair pretend you ar epedaling with your feet

Pogo stick - get out of chair and jump up and down

Hula Hoop - sway those hips like using a hulahoop

Jump rope - pretend you are jumping rope

Accordian - Side to side motions as playing an according

Escape from Prison - All stand Up - last guy must crawl through legs.

And besides that I say, Your mother.

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  1. Smooth Criminal
  2. Walking on the Sunshine
  3. Lean on Me
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You have the balll,the ballon,the wall,the basketball,tennis ball, vertical rope,horizontal rope, the robot, the box the table, the slide opening, door opening, doorclosing and so much more.

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Q: Any funny pantomime ideas
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