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I'm sure that Harry would like any girl with a sense of humour :)

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Q: Does harry styles like a girl with a funny laugh?
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What is harry styles favorite qualities in a girl?

if she is funny, sweet , smart , and "if she has a pretty face" and he will break up with a girl if she spat on him

What kind of girls does harry styles love?

a girl who is smart, brown hair, curly hair, and funny

What girl does harry styles form one direction like?

He likes sarcastic, smart, funny, cuddly, nice, and immature girls

Would harry styles care if his girlfriend had a hideous laugh?

well, considering how important a girl with a sense of humor is to Harry, he would like her to lagh. but the sond is not the most important aspect my dear.

How do you write a funny script to make boy and girl teenagers laugh?

If you say anything funny I'll laugh. 14years old

Did Harry Styles ever cheated on a girl?

no harry styles never ever cheated on a girl ,and he also never throw his self at a girl he liked

What is Harry Styles favorite quote?

One of Harry styles fav quote is β€œ a real girl isn perfect and a perfect girl isn’t real.”

Who is harry styles's girl?

his mum

Is Harry Styles a girl?


What did Harry Styles mean by they like you because their fat?

Harry Styles things every girl is not fat!:)

Does harry styles like in a fat girl?


What does Harry Styles hate in a girl?