Why is it important to save petrol?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if you save petrol, petrol will save you. It is important to save petrol because it is limited and if we are not going to save it our future generations won't have it & they have to travel through bullock carts. and if are going to use it indiscriminately it is going to produce an enough amount of carbon that it will destroy our lives causing several breath related diseases

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Q: Why is it important to save petrol?
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What are the slogans on save petrol?

"conserve petrol, conserve petrol & save your life by breathing fresh air" "save petrol, save money"

Why are solar powered cars important?

to save petrol poda pati

Does turbo intercooler save petrol?

Yeah, They save about twice as much petrol

How petrol is obtained?

saving petrol and being able to obtain it as in save and not use it alot. saving petrol and being able to obtain it as in save and not use it alot.

How can you save petrol or diesel at home or school?

ride a bike

What do you save of petrol?

ensted of useing own vehilals we can depend on busses

How do you make poster on saving petrol?

Strange Question On computer on a blank page and make it look something like this Saving Petrol Many People would like to save petrol but how do you do it then? The Slower you drive the more petrol you keep. Every time you break you burn up lots of fuel. AND SO ON

Slogans on contribution of Indian oil in the development of India?

on the go save the petrol.

Why petrol is important?

because it is very costly..

What are the tips given by PCRA to save petrol?

Visit a petrol pump only if your car has little or no fuel. I don't find any reason of buying fuel if your car already has sufficient fuel. This method shall directly or indirectly save valuable fuel of the respective petrol pump. You can bypass this advice in emergencies.Turn off your car in slow traffic and at traffic signals. It is estimated that you can save about 20% of fuel in this process.

Where you can get posters on save petrol for class 8?

go to this place

What can you do to save the environment from petrol emissions?

Buy a lower emissions vehicle or take public transportation.