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"Inertia" <---- this is the answer to #6 for chapter 13 sect. 3 :P hopefully you'll get this right if you ever have Mr. McKeown or Mr. Conrad :) I can't tell you my name though...............................................................................

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Q: Why is it difficult to make a car move by pushing it?
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When you use less force will it become easier or harder?

If you are pushing a car and use less force it will be harder to make the car move.

How do you make a Lego car move without pushing it?

Blow on it. Pull it with a string. Place it on a downward slope.

Can a car move without wheels?

No it can't move but it can move by pushing it.Hard but it moves.

How do you make a 'toy car' that can move far without pushing it or using electric things?

you use magnetic force

What made the car move if you push it to a desired direction?

Your pushing it did.

What kind of forces does NOT change the motion of an object?

Equal and opposite forces. Imagine 2 people pushing a car, one at the front and one at the back. If they are both pushing with the same force, the car will not move.

What is a common unbalanced force that acts on objects in motion?

When forces are balanced, then the object cannot move. Imagine a car on neutral gear. You and your friend are pushing on the car; you are pushing it forward from the back and your friend is pushing it backward from the front. If both you and your friend are applying the same amount of force, then the car isn't going to go anywhere. But if you are applying more force than your friend, the car will move forward at the difference between your force and your friend's force.

Are there forces acting on a car that is at rest xy?

There are forces acting on the car. They are just equal to the force of the car acting on the force. In example, gravity is acting on the car, but the car is pushing back equally. Therefore, the car doesn't move.

How does oil make your car move?

oil does not make your car move, it reduces friction in the moving parts in order to keep your car from tearing itself apart

How do car amps work?

Hi, Amps are electrical and the same in a car as elswhere. Amps are a quantity of electricity, voltage is the pressure pushing it and resistance is, as it sounds, how difficult it is to push it. Peace, crigby

How do you make a Lego car that moves without pushing it?

attatch fire works or put it on a hill.

How do you make a toy car move by itself?

Rubber band car