Can a car move without wheels?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No it can't move but it can move by pushing it.Hard but it moves.

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Q: Can a car move without wheels?
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Why wheels are impotant?

Remove the wheels off your car, and you will realise how important wheels are, as your car won't be able to move.

How do you move a car without wheels?

well.. you can turn it into a sleigh if you live near snow or you can get superman to move the car. Many garages have a flat bed car hauler that they can winch the vehicle up on for transport.

Can a car move with a square wheels?


Is a wheelchair still a wheelchair if the wheels are removed? a car still a car without the wheels?

Why could cars not move without friction?

When the wheels of a car turn, friction causes the wheels to push back on the road, which in turn causes the road to push the car forward. Without friction the wheels would just spin in place. You can sometimes see this occur on icy roads, where there is very little friction.

How does the gas burning in a car make the wheels move?

Sends fuel injections into the engines there for running the chains, and the motor it makes the wheels spin, Thus making the car move.

What are axels on a car?

they connect the transmission to the wheels to make it move

How wheels work on a car?

Wheels and axles help reduce friction and allow a heavy objects like a car to move around easily.

Slowest car ever?

Probably a car without an engine or any wheels.

How would a car be affected if it had no wheels?

It would be unable to move and no longer be mobile.

How does a Jaguar car move?

by using gas to make wheels spin in circles

What form of energy is produced when the wheels of a car move?

Friction and kinetic energy.