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Blow on it.

Pull it with a string.

Place it on a downward slope.

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Q: How do you make a Lego car move without pushing it?
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Can a car move without wheels?

No it can't move but it can move by pushing it.Hard but it moves.

How do you make a 'toy car' that can move far without pushing it or using electric things?

you use magnetic force

How do you make LEGO in LEGO city in Lego Star Wars the origanal trilodgy?

use the force and work together to move the blocks

What is the term for pushing and pulling of an object to make it move?

a force

How do you make Lego mindstorms arms move?

if you have a Nintendo wii you will need a nunckuck to make your Lego person move

How can a boat move without us pushing pulling or touching it?

wind or moving water

How do you make a Lego stop motion video?

this is a way for a regular camera: you take a picture of a Lego ship and then move it and move it again and you can repeat it as many times as you want.

Can you make things move in the house?

Yes. You can move things by picking them up, pushing them, and pulling them with your hands.

In WII Lego batman how can you make manbat fly when you are him?

double jumb then move you should be gliding

How do you make our NXT Lego Robot move in a square?

Type the coordinates into the mindstorms NXT panel.

How do you move a hand made vehicle without pushing or pulling it?

carry it Unless you also hand-made an engine for the vehicle.

How do motors move?

by pushing them