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turbo timer if the car is turbo other wise the switch is broke and you

need a new one

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Q: Why does the engine still run after turning off the ignition?
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Engine still makes noise after turning off?

It is called pre-ignition, find a friendly mechanic.

The difference between turning and cranking an engine?

generally , cranking an engine is done with igniton where turning is done by hand with the ignition off so as it will not start

Why turning my ignition on and wont turn off?

Turning my ignition on and wont turn off because it is faulty.

Why can you remove the ignition key from a 1998 Eclipse without turning off engine?

The key and the ignition lock are badly worn. Try a different key if it doesn't fix it you need to replace the ignition lock.

What is the number 2 position when turning the key on a Honda accord?

Accessory position. Radio will play but ignition is still off.

What causes your Hyundai Atos engine still to run when ive switched off the ignition?

There could be several reasons why your Hyundai Atos engine is still running even though you have switched the ignition off. It could be a wiring problem in the engine. You will need to take the vehicle to a licensed mechanic.

What causes your Hyundai Atos engine still to run when you have switched off the ignition?

Maybe your ignition switch has gone bad and you didn't rally turn off the eengine.

Why won't the engine shut down after turning off ignition?

After the ignition key is turn off the car runs for about 3-5 seconds and shuts down. Recently, I had to disconnected the coil wire to stop the engine. The next morning it went back to the original problem.

How do you turn the maintenance light off on the dash board on a 2005 solara?

Hold the trip meter button in while turning the ignition to run position. Do not start the engine. Turn off key and then start the engine.

If your accelerater pedal gets stuck what should you not do?

You should not turn the ignition off. Put your foot on the brake and apply steady pressure to stop. At almost the same time put the transmission in neutral. You will safely come to a stop with the engine still running and P/S and P/B still working. Immediately turn the engine off as soon as you come to a stop. Turning the ignition off will cause you to loose P/S and P/B, which is a horrible idea.

What would cause a car to crank but not start after turning off the engine yet the ignition coil seems hot?

Check to see if you are getting fuel.

Reset service interval Golf 4?

* Turn on ignition. * Hold down Right trip button and continue to do so whilst turning off ignition. * Still with Right trip button held down turn ignition back on. * Release Right trip button. * With ignition still on turn Left trip button to the Right and release. * Turn off ignition.