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No, bad front wheel bearings would not prevent a transmission from shifting. If your car has bad front wheel bearings you will notice wheel noise or wheel looseness.

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Q: Would bad front wheel bearings prevent a transmission from shifting?
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Would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush?

would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush

Why would a transmission be shifting hard?

Have transmission fluid and filter changed. Checked Transmission mounts

Would bad front wheel bearings prevent a tranny from shifting?

After the bearing goes out while driving the wheels will lock up or may fly off the car even may melt to the wheel hub. It can also cause transmission problems meaning you wonÕt be able to drive the car after the bearing go out.

Can a broken engine oil dipstick cause hard shifting?

a broken dip stick wont cause hard shifting... the engine does not do the any shifting... your problem would be the transmission... check transmission....

Can you get an alignment with bad bearings?

Yes, BUT the result would be no better than beforethe alignment because the play in the bad bearings would prevent an accurate alignment.

Will a bad knock sensor prevent an engine from shifting?

A bad knock sensor would illuminate the check engine light and allow the engine to ping (spark knock). The engine doesn't shift, the transmission shifts.

Why would your Nissan altima 97 auto transmission be shifting gears too early?

If the 1997 Nissan Altima with an automatic transmission is shifting gears too early, it could be that the shift solenoid for the transmission is faulty. Both the shift solenoid and the speed sensor on the transmission should be checked.

Why would your transmission have problems shifting in 1 or 2 and reverse but only at times?

bad filter

Why would your transmission pop out of gear shifting into first on a 92 eclipse gsx?

Bad syncro in the transmission, mainly bad transmission. Hard shifting can cause the problem. Transmission can be rebuild or syncro replaced possibly might be cheaper just to get a new one from the junk yard. dont race a stock transmission on a 92 eclipse.

I have a 2002 Mazda mpv not shifting properly?

It would have to do with the transmission or maybe there isn't enough oil in the car?

How important are syncros in your tranny?

Shifting gears without syncros in your standard transmission would be anything but easy.

What would cause the A4LD transmission to stop shifting and lose power?

the shaft inside the tranny is broke.