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Negative. Open containers are illegal in every state.

This answer is false. There are 7 states where there are no open container laws. While it is illegal for the driver to consume alcohol, passengers may do so. Mississippi actually allows the driver to consume alcohol. Virginia is one of the 7 that has no open container law pertaining to a passenger in a motor vehicle.

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Q: Can a passenger drink alcohol in a car in Virginia?
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Can a passenger drink in a car in Nevada?

No, if referring to alcohol, a passenger in Nevada cannot drink in a car. It is illegal to drink any type of alcohol while in a vehicle.

Can a passenger in a car drink?

i assume you mean alcohol...and the answer is simply no

Can you have an open alcohol drink in a car in Australia?


Can you drink alcohol in car in Italy?

No you cant because of the strict laws of drink driving

Why does a policeman not charge a person if they have alcohol in the car and no insurance and their passenger has died in a car wreck?

Because he is white.

Can you Carry alcohol in a car in America?

Yes but you cant drink it

How much alcohol can the average male consume and still drive a car?

There is no amount of alcohol one can drink and still SAFELY drive a car.

Did Jackson pollock drink?

Yes. Not only did he drink, but he was a severe alcoholic which ultimately led to his death in an alcohol-induced car accident.

Can a passenger drink beer in a car in Montana?

Yes a passenger can drink as well as the driver, Montana still doesn't have a drunk driving law. But if stopped you as a driver can drink, but you have to be sober when doing road side tests. If that makes sense

Can you get arrested for a DUI if you are a passenger in a car and the driver and other passengers including yourself are drinking alcohol in the car while the car is turned off and no keys inserted?


Is it legal to have alcohol in trunk of car?

If it is legal for you to have possession of both a car and alcohol, then yes it is legal to have alcohol in the trunk of your car.

Is it legal for an adult to have open alcohol in a car in Victoria Australia?

It is not illegal to drink alcohol in cars in Victoria. It is illegal to drive a car in Victoria with a blood/alcohol content of 0.05% or higher.