Why do AC reduce performance of car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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takes extra RMP to turn the compressor. therefore loss in power.

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Q: Why do AC reduce performance of car?
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AC reduce's car performance?

only when it is on, it causes slow acceleration

Does a condenser affect the performance of the car?

The AC condenser would effect the performance of the AC system in the car.

How to tell if your car has a bad ac compressor?

You have a system performance test done on your AC system.

How do you hook up a car radio in a house?

You need an ac-dc converter to reduce your house voltage to 12 volts

Why engine hesitates when car a c is on?

One reason is that the drag caused by the AC compressor being on is casung a loss of horsepower and thuis reducing the performance of the engine, thus making the engine work harder tomove the car than when the AC is off.

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Put AC ON car over heats?

put on ac in car and over heats

How do you reduce a 230v ac transformer to produce 140v ac?

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