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put on ac in car and over heats

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Q: Put AC ON car over heats?
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Why does car heats up when ac is on?

The car seats because of the extra energy it needs for the AC compressor work

1990 Camaro cooling fan problems?

Explain what's happening with the car's fan a little better. When driving the car its ok, when I am in traffic for 15 minutes and over the temp, starts to rise.If I put the ac on, IN traffic, it over heats.

When the car is on is the engines fan supposed to turn?

Yes, when the engine heats up or the AC is turned on.

Can you get ac in a 1930 car?

You can put AC in most any vehicle with an aftermarket AC system.

Where is the thermostat in a located 97 passat?

i have a 1999 4cyc passat that over heats within 2 miles of driving .i replced the thermostat and radiator cooling fan relay where the kicks in when the ac is on. when the car over heats the ac air coming thru the vent is warm and the coolant flows bubbling into the resivor. the top hose is hot with alot of pressure and the bottom hose is cool.what else can i check.

Is there such a thing as an AC unit that heats and cools?


91 olds cutlass ciera heats up too much with AC or Heat on why Problem just started?

If the car is over heating then it could be that the electric cooling fan motor is not working so the fan can

Will the air conditioner on make your car over heat?

short answer yes and no some cars have to small of a radiator and the added heat put off by the condenser while the car is not moving will cause the car to over heat. newer jeeps with the in line 6 have this problem. also if you do alot of sitting in traffic with the ac on you can dammage your ac compressor over time

If Ac system broke can your car still over heat?

Umm yes because there is no AC........

Do you burn more gas running your ac in the car?

A little, the ac pump will put a draw on the engine more than without the ac on.

Can AC water be put in a car?

Clean water should be used and mixed with the proper coolant for your car.

Can you put an ac in a 92 Geo Metro?

Yes you can put AC in a Metro but I don't recommend it. My Metro has AC but if you do put it in it will slow your car down horridly and it will cause your high MPG Metro to drop down to that of a normal car. So it's sort of a comfort vs practicality debate :)

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