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Yes, when the engine heats up or the AC is turned on.

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Q: When the car is on is the engines fan supposed to turn?
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Does the fan in engines always turn when car is on?

No, not always.

Is the engine fan supposed to turn when the vehicle is turn on?

A fan that is connected to the engine will turn whenever the engine is running, an electric fan will only run when the engine is at the proper temperature, some also turn on whenever the AC is on.

Why is the fan in your car running after you turn the car off?


Can a car battery turn on a fan?

Yes, if it is a 12 volt DC fan.

Why do the fan on my 1999 acura tl turn on when i turn off my car?

The fan turns on when you turn your car off so that the engine will cool down faster. It should only run for a few minutes, 10 max. But your fan also runs when your car is on not just when it is turned off.

Whats wrong with your car if the cooling fan does not turn on when you turn the car on you tryed a new fan and the new on dosent turn on either what would be the problem?

fuse, wiring.... how long do u let it run before turning it off??..I would look to the fan relay next. also the electric fan thermostat if the car has one

Which one is the cooling fan motor on a 2000 Honda Accord?

get in the car when it is cold, turn on the ac, then check under the hood. the fan that is not spinning when the car is cold is the cooling fan

Why is the air conditioning fan still running when you turn off your car?

It's probably the catalytic converter fan; not the a/c fan.

What does it mean when your car fan goes faster and make a loud nosie when you step on the paddle?

turn the engine off try turning the fan if it doesnt turn the clutch on the fan is bad it

Why won't the fan turn on when the car is hot while driving?

if its not turning on then its broken.

Why does your car make a squealing noise when you turn it on?

Loose or glazed fan belt?

Why does the engine cooling fan on a 1993 Toyota Corolla run when the car is cold and you turn the key on?

If the AC or Defroster is on, many vehicles will also turn on the cooling fan.