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The Charity Navigator is a good website to find information about a good charity to donate to. They evaluate the many charities to help one decide which ones are the best to donate to.

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Q: Where can one find information about a good charity to donate for?
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Where can you find information about iCan?

iCan is a charity for children with communication problems in the UK. One can find good information on the iCan website including content for parents, teachers and details of how to donate.

Where can cars be donated for charity?

Donating a car for charity sounds like a good idea, but it may not be. Choose a charity to donate to, then check with that charity to see if they will accept a car as a donation. Many will not. Always donate direct to the charity, not through a middleman.

Where could one find information on how to go about donating a used automobile?

There are a number of websites that accept cars as a donation to charity. It is a good way to get rid of a useless car and help out a worthy cause. Donate-a-car has the most information on this subject.

Is it a good idea to donate my car to charity?

Donating to charity is never a bad idea. You would simply have to find a charity that would accept a car as a donation. That may or may not be easy... depending in the shape the car's in.

Why do you want to donate to the children s charity?

Because you have good in your heart

Where can I donate or recycle ink cartridges?

Very good choice to donate them to a company who can recycle it!Good for the environment. Go check out and support their charity!

How can one donate a car for charity?

There is a really good article on the Today Money website from NBC News. It has 10 tips on how to donate a car to charity. The first step is to make sure there is no middle man. The more aggressively a charity advertises (i.e. their jingle on the radio or television ad nauseam), the more they pocket from your car than actually donate. Find a charity through Charity Navigator. Check to see if you will be eligible for a tax deduction. To save money, drop off the car yourself. These are just a few of the tips.

Where is a good place to donate or get rid of old Disney videos?

Why not sell them on ebay! If the are in good condition sell them... Then you get money and someone else can enjoy them! Or donate them to a charity with a video player! :)

What is a good organization to donate your car to? is a wonderful site to donate your car to. This is a good option after having used up your old car because the car will go to charity, which is a good cause.

What is it called when you donate your wealth to the community?

give to charity or something like that. doing a good deed

What does the word donate mean?

The word donate means to give something of value that one would own to help a good cause, for example a charity.

How can you find out about charities?

Depends what you mean by find out. If you're loooking for a charity to donate into some good ones are: or If you want to start your own charity, all I can say is it's expensive. Maybe it'd be better to just work for an existing one?